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Round Electromagnets

Round Electromagnets

Flat-faced round electromagnets or holding solenoids from 0.50" to 4.0" dia. These APW electromagnets or holding solenoids available with either thru hole mounting or a female tapped mounting threads. Round holding solenoid electromagnets are available in 3 vdc to 230 vac voltages holding 2 to 640 lbs.


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  • Round, Holding Electromagnet, .50" Dia with 12 VDC

    Round, Holding Electromagnet, .50" Dia with 12 VDC

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    This industrial electromagnet magnet is equipped with 12 volts of direct current with 2 pounds of magnetic suck. It is not a quick release and does not offer encapsulation or include an anti-rotation pin.


    • Electrical- Voltage: 12, Current: DC
    • Bolt Desc. or Thread Female 6-32
    • Holding Force: 2 pounds
    • Outer Diameter: .5 Inches
    • Height: .5 inches
    • Amps: 0.08
    • Lead Wire Ga: 28
    • Duty continuous
    • Lead Wire Length: 11 inches

    The included tapped rear-threaded mounted option offers superior versatility. The mounting screw is not provided and the lead wire type is a TFE. This magnet cannot handle high temperatures (i.e. above 500 degrees fahrenheit) nor is it magnetic stainless (430 FR).

    *The holding force for this round electromagnet is tested on a load cell under a standardized test method. Our standardized test includes direct contact with a bare 1215 CRS ground strike plates. The plates are .240” thick and are either greater than or equal to the diameter of the electromagnets.



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Items: 226226 of 226